Here are some comments from students who have taken our training courses.

Autophonetics Vocal Workshops

"I will be including [autophonetics] in my ongoing personal transformation. Professionally i am experimenting at present, but the course has helped me to accept that I can include so much more into my practice."

"Pleasantly surprised by what occurred i.e. the variety of effects."

"It will help me to relax and to enhance my voice for work presentations. A very interesting and beneficial course."

Introductory Course to Sound Therapy

"A lot of practical information which I can integrate into healing/workshop work."

"Very interesting weekend - went far too quickly."

"Very good and enjoyable weekend."

"Thoroughly enjoyed it! I have been truly moved by the practices taught - I look forward to applying these skills in the future."

"Very interesting - I didn't really know what to expect."

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Composer Arden Wilken has created over 20 different CD titles for specific themes including improving memory & concentration, communication & self-expression; physical vitality and developing creativity & intuition, meditation & creative visualizations.

Co-creators, Arden & Jack Wilken, are engaged in an ongoing investigation into the use of therapeutic music and sound for healing, relaxation, or meditation & to improve any aspect of your life.