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Tuning Fork Practitioner Training

Here are some comments from students who have taken our training courses.

Student Feedback

"A fascinating course both in terms of learning about sound the body/emotions and how to apply it within therapy"

"Has given me a deeper understanding of sound and in particular the different types of sound & harmonics and how they work on the body. Applying this in my healing work and hopefully in practicing as a tuning fork practitioner.

"An excellent way to spend a weekend - so healing, informative and educational."

"Another tool to complement both yoga practice with mums, dads & babies/toddlers and for aromatherapy."

"I expect to be able to use the short treatment to enhance my other holistic treatments. Also to use them as full treatments."

"Excellent - surpassed expectations."

"Thank you for introducing me to this area and how important sound is."

"Hopefully to be used within my practice especially with energy work. I anticipate using in conjunction with treatments. Well presented course which I thoroughly enjoyed."

"Very much enjoyed it - interesting facts, discussions, company & treatments."

"It truly was a great and inspiring weekend. I look forward to training more with the School for Inner Sound in the UK in 2006."

"The information will assist me profoundly in my pursuit of becoming a sound therapist using various tools. The theoretical/ "scientific" information presented supports my goals of being able to offer sound as an alternative method to a wider group than the New Age Community. I am also pleased to be able to apply the information to my personal issues."

"Enjoyable and informative. Relaxed environment, welcoming atmosphere & our needs catered for. Patient and sympathetic tuition, delivered with a sense of humor."

"Opened up a whole new way of working with clients. I feel very motivated to work with sound now."

"Manuals are very clearly laid out and comprehensive. I can see myself referring to the info regularly."

"Thank you for such a beautifully put together & delivered course. I have learned a great deal in a relaxed environment in a short time."

"I've had fun with this. It has explained to me the use of sound and why I feel so connected to the vibration of sound. The information has made it easy for me to understand."

"Really enjoyable workshop & course - many thanks."

"I will use the forks personally and have already found Pair 5 helpful with pain."

"The use of the Personal Tuners and Pair 5 will be very helpful in my counselling practice and also for my home situation."

"I will use the tuning forks within my healing sessions."

"I have really enjoyed the course."

"I look forward to using the training on myself and clients as a new tool and to make improvements in my life and others."

"Excellent and inspirational course, very well presented."

"I hope this will help with my personal development & possibly improve my health."

"Anticipate working lots personally and feel it will be invaluable working with clients - particularly interested in substance misuse work and using it with auricular acupuncture; groupwork for detox/withdrawal. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend."

"Many thanks again for a fantastic course! I have used the motifs in my workshop one every day and people loved it!"

"Life changing - the effects were immediate - I have 'clients' (i.e. family) in mind who could benefit from this"

"The days were nicely facilitated with great care. There was a good balance of teacher input and student input/participation. it went like clockwork, very beneficial and enjoyable. I am sad to be leaving at the end of the course."

Student feedback

"I am very impressed with the standard and thoroughness of the work. I feel it aims to practice at a high standard and I hope I can develop with it and take it all in.

I am really impressed with the accuracy of the tuning forks."

"It has been great being in a small class of like-minded people...I hope to attend further modules with this organisation & tutor. I believe that the motifs that have been developed are a really great tool for understanding & integration."

"I feel I am about to embark on an incredible new journey within my sound healing practice, integrating tuning forks into my regime."