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Read what our satisfied customers have to say about using music composed by Arden Wilken:


"Your music has helped me connect with my inner strength and personal truth. Thank you."
PT, psychologist, Girona, Spain

"For STRESS, INNER HARMONY, and MAGICAL GARDEN helped me cope with 2 months of high stress in my job. I don't know what I would have done without them."
RG, London

"I've used Arden's music since 1987. I have found the results so positive and the intention of this music so clear and simple to use. It makes it a very useful tool to work with, and to enjoy!"
JR, chromotherapist and massage therapist, London

"Through listening to nearly all of the TOOLS FOR SELF-DISCOVERY titles over a period of one year, I have been able to make the following changes in my life: express more easily my thoughts and feelings, have more focus and mental concentration, experience more physical and creative energy, be more at peace with myself and those around me withheightened self-esteem. I wouldn't have believed that just by listening to these tapes on a consistent basis that Iwould feel so different, but I do."
JD, Seattle, Washington

"For two years I suffered from a severe mental problem. I was unable to do anything for myself. My boyfriend played the music you suggested for me every day for two months. I feel you must have the ability to heal through sound, otherwise I would not be writing this letter today. I cannot thank you enough for the work that you do through your music. God bless you always."
RP, London

"Our 8 month old daughter wasn't sleeping through the night. We played DREAMTIME as you suggested and within a week she slept all the way through and still is 4 months later. What a relief for us all. Thank you."
MG, Madrid

"I couldn't believe that listening to music while I was studying could help me pass my exams. Thanks to THE BRAIN TAPE, NEW HEART and INNER HARMONY, I did. I also sleep better and feel more confident."
DR, Barcelona

"I highly recommend this music to anyone who wants to create a more integrated, conscious connection with themselves."
LC, Cairo, Egypt

"Hello. A quick note to let you know how useful, helpful and interesting I have found your tapes to be. I purchased the 3 arthritis tapes for which I find them very helpful. A bonus is that the tapes all seem to result in a general feeling of well-being. I had not anticipated this. I was so impressed that I purchased a tape for my Mum and she is equally pleased. I am recommending you to family and friends. Many thanks "
DM, Scotland

"I received the [Sound Touch] CD and Manual some days ago. Thank you! I instantly knew, after starting to listen to the CD, that this is what I have wanted. It is exciting: some of the motifs sound just the same I have been playing by myself. Thank you once more. "
HP, Finland

"Your music is magic! "
LC, Padua, Italy

The following are comments from customers who have requested Personal Music compositions:

"The first time I listened to my Personal Music it pulled me together. My inner self aligned and I felt a special strength and my scattered-ness disappeared. It's like body work or Rolfing, but in musical form."
CW, New Mexico

"Without Arden's Personal Music I wouldn't be as far along my road. It went to my very heart and helped me be more open and to love myself."
SH, Sydney, Australia

"At first I was disarmed, then touched and then my whole perspective of myself shifted. I am amazed at how it helps me to be more in contact with my personal truth."
T.P., California.

(Translated from Spanish) April 29, 1994:

"I had just returned from a business trip. My life in general was normal, with little problems stemming from overwork. I hadn't been able to spend enough time in the country. I don't know why, but the long plane trip had made me very nervous and I felt quite anxious. I wasn't looking forward to the 3 days of a natural product exhibition I needed to be at for promotion purposes.

There I met Arden and Jack Wilken in one of the stands. We said hello and I stopped to chat with them. After only a few moments, without trying to hide my state from them, how anxious I felt. They invited me to sit down and listen to some music that Arden would create for me made up of those famous motifs. She sat me down in front of her keyboard, gave me headphones to put on and told me to close my eyes.

I had known her music for some time. My mind had classified it: "nothing special, simple melodies, pleasant sounding" etc. I considered myself quite the musical expert. I had a wide and varied collection of different styles and artists.

Arden sat in front of the keyboard and began to play a simple melody. My mind began to race, flooded with a wide range of thoughts, including, "Why in the world am I sitting here listening to this stupid music?" But it wasn't just the element of courtesy that kept me in the chair. In a few more minutes I noticed that I was beginning to relax. "Good," I thought to myself, "at least I'll leave here more relaxed." After only 10 minutes of listening to the music Arden was playing I was immersed in a very agreeable state seeing images of nature and forms of great beauty.

The pleasant state suddenly changed to a renewed feeling of tension. "How could I deal with my unresolved personal conflicts with myself, family and friends?" flashed through my mind. "What's happening to me," I thought.

Then after only a little more than 15 minutes of sitting in the chair I began to cry. A strange crying - deep, raw, primal, from a part of me hardly known. All the years of my life, all the accumulated tensions were present in this crying. At the same time, I was able to observe the tensions, sort them and up to a certain point, let them go in the sobs. It was an unforgettable experience.

This demonstration I experienced of such a very special music came from many years of research with people from all over the world. It has far reaching results (emotional, in the subtle energy and in humanistic psychology…) and touches deeply into the soul of the human being."
Jaume Rosello, Editor "VITAL", Barcelona, Spain

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