Testimonials: Inner Sound Tuning Forks

Our Tuning Forks are used by Medical Practitioners and Health Professionals in England, Europe and the USA. Here are some of their comments:

Practitioner Comments:

SML, Meditation Instructor & Basic Tuning Fork Teacher:
"I have been successfully using INNER SOUND tuning forks in group meditation classes for over 2 years. They allow participants to move quickly and easily into deep states of relaxation when used in guided meditations.

They also are a wonderful preparation for sitting meditation, helping an individual or group to enter into alpha wave production in a shorter period of time.

The tuning forks have been an invaluable tool in giving young adults the experience of meditation on their first exposure to this form of prayer in Church settings. Thanks for the great tool!"

LW, Bristol:
"I have had some great results - someone with very long term ME has had a real remission for the first time in years. Someone with life long depression has had it lift and someone with a real stiff neck had it ease up after session."

DB, Registered Nurse, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner:
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor (USA)
"I have a client who has severe fibromyalgia & also bipolar disorder. I have been using the tuning forks on her as well as other modalities. I've been able to help this diagnosis with what I already knew but never had the response & maintenance of the response this quickly. Of course the story is still unfolding but this young woman is experiencing periods of 0 pain &, level moods like she can't remember in many years. Her change got her psychiatrist's attention. He called me & is interested in referring other clients to me.

Many other interesting things are happening with other clients & I'm enjoying using it on myself also"

DG, School Nurse (USA):
"Dear Arden and Jack,
I have been using the Tuning Forks for approximately two or three years. I have probably treated at least 30-35 clients. Some of them more than once.

I have found that they are wonderful as a stand alone treatment or as a complement to doing Healing Touch or working with Essential Oils as aromatherapy or direct application to the body.

The Tuning Forks from Inner Sound actually speed up the process of balancing the energy field or releasing pain or trauma.

As a school nurse, I have opportunities for just quick interventions with staff.

One staff member had pretty severe knee pain after his knee collapsed while out hunting. I did a 10 second activation with the Basic Long and Pair 5 for Pain and Release and ELA's. The pain was 95% relieved. Then I did quick Healing Touch technique and he was pain free. He was still pain free after two weeks.

One secretary has Carpal Tunnel and a stiff neck quite often. Some days we just have time for the Personal Tuners and Pair 5 with ELA's. She says it takes about 1/2 hour and then she suddenly feels her shoulders relax and she is able to rest and sleep much better. I try to give her a Basic Long or Short [treatment] at least once a week. These are usually 10 to 15 second activations.

My husband loves to have a session before he goes to bed. At least 2-4 times a week. He has insomnia, and he finds that he can relax and go right to sleep. I have found through these sessions that a cumulative affect has been that he is much more expressive verbally and physically. It has changed our relationship and improved our marriage.

For myself, I can use the Tuning Forks to treat a headache or tension in my back and neck. I use them at least 3 or 4 times a week. I have changed both emotionally and physically. Recently I have sensed that they are working at such a deep level that I use them more than the other healing modalities I was using before. I can use a Basic Short or Long and Pair 5 with ELA's and virtually give a full body treatment. And it works.

I am so grateful to you for your research and knowledge. I can accomplish more with the individual in a matter of minutes, without expending my own energy and in a lot less time. No one complains about the aroma and they do not have to disrobe or climb on a table. The tuning forks are portable and I only need a chair.

My desire is to be able to introduce them in the school setting for our students"

MK- RN, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor

In my private practice of Healing Touch, I started using the Tuning Forks on my HT clients. At first I was using them after a HT session and found that to be more stimulation than was needed. So I started using the TF's prior to a HT session and it made all the difference in the world. Patients were relaxed; the energy system opened and flowed very easy. It also put the patient in a more receptive state for verbalizing their releasing once the blockages started opening. It really enhanced a session.

The majority of the patient's outcomes and mine have been met when using the TF's. I have even had patients that have been dizzy and after using the TF's no longer have that symptom. The majority of them experience a deep relaxation. Some have even experienced the wave movement down their spine, relief of their headaches and improvement in their spiritual well being.

I have also had better results when I do the Basic long before doing the Motifs. One man that I had really changed his perception of his relationship with his wife and stated that the TF's helped open him to where he could see things differently, which was life altering for him. He actually had a vision during the TF treatment that was "extremely spiritually uplifting" for him. He and his wife got back together and he no longer had sleep pattern disturbances.

I have found the TF's to enhance chemotherapy and help prevent nausea and vomiting. One of my patients barely dropped her H&H.

One of my patients complained of a rash over the face and abdomen. He had not gone to the MD yet; his appointment was made for 2 days later. He had the rash for 1 weeks and after doing the Expansion and Integration motifs the rash disappeared the next day. I believe that the rash was caused by anxiety and that when he relaxed and became more peaceful he was able to release the blockages causing the anxiety.

Below are some case studies that I wrote up, that you could review. I think that the most dramatic results were rendered with the patient that had severe depression.

Case 1 -KC is a 42 year old, white female. She is a mother of 2 daughters (11 and 15 yo). She lives with her husband in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She was diagnosed with breast and spinal cancer in 2003. When talking with her, it was discovered that she was a victim of sexual abuse from her father. I felt that her cancer stemmed from her anger from abuse that was deeply seeded. She underwent a partial breast removal and lymph node removal of the right breast in January 2004. In February 2004 she underwent a hysterectomy. Her MRI showed T4-5, and T 12, and L 1 to have lesions approximately 2 cms. Over the course of her tuning fork treatments, the mutual desired goals were to keep her CA 125 levels decreased by a balance and align her energy system, to decrease her anxiety, decrease the size of her spinal lesions, prevent right arm swelling, clear emotional blockages, pain relief and relief of symptoms caused by radiation and chemotherapy treatments. She had stress rings. The activation of 30 seconds each pair was started and she was worked up to an activation of 60 seconds each pair per treatment.

The following motifs were used during her 15 sessions and the reason for there use:
Child Motif - For her feelings of anger; childhood sexual abuse, release childhood wounds, clear emotional blockages.
ELA Motif - Deep release of anxiety.
Integration Motif - For facing realities and being in the emotional present. Focus on balancing Electromagnetic field and standing up for her own rights.
Birth Motif - For Breast cancer and to clear blocked emotions, open her heart center. For chest and upper torso in the physical.
Centering Motif - Assist with coming in contact with herself.
Conception Motif - For lymph nodes and Breast Ca, 4th energy matrix in the energetic level at the sternum area and at the thoracic spine area. For pain relief in the back.
Contraction Motif - For back pain relief, also for the 4th energy matrix. For the back area, lower back and emotional contact.
Hemispheric Balance motif - For the back area in the physical.
Grounding Motif - Help realign field, so she can be in the present, and to calm her.
Pair 5 for relief of pain in the back.

Some of the sessions, the Sound track CD was played to enhance the effect of the tuning forks.

After each treatment her energy system was balanced and aligned. She was relaxed. She had no swelling in her right arm or hand, known as lymphedema. Mammogram showed no further Ca and the CA 125 level had decreased. Her hemoglobin had dropped due to the Chemotherapy, but once we started with treatment, her levels improved. She had no nausea and vomiting during chemo or radiation. She had no burns from the radiation. On 6/30/04 she announced that her tumor markers had decreased from 181 before surgery to 45. Her iron saturation was low, however her H/H was 12/38. Her bone scan and CT were normal. Her BP was normal, indicating her anxiety had decreased. She had no back pain, but she still had her lesions in the spine that had not gotten larger. Toward the end of her sessions, the above had not changed, however she started to have vision of children playing and appeared to open and talk about her childhood, releasing old wounds.

Case 2 - PK

PK is a 27 year old, white female. She is single and lives with her two cats. She was complaining of feeling anxious, lonely and depressed. Depression was rated 8/10, 10 being the most severe depressed state. Her boyfriend was not providing her with the attention that she needed. She lacked the happiness and interest in her previous desires and had a low self-esteem. She was treated with the motifs of the tuning fork to balance and align her energy system, to decrease her anxiety, clear emotional blockages, assist her in moving from a depressed state to one of happiness and for inner pain relief. She had stress rings. The activation of 40 seconds each pair was started and she was worked up to an activation of 60 seconds each pair per treatment.

The following motifs were used during her 15 sessions and the reason for there use:
ELA Motif - For release of anxiety.
Hope Motif - For depression and to decrease anxiety
Contact Motif - For self-esteem issues
Child Motif - Assist with release of blocked childhood memories, anger and mistrust. Release of emotional experiences that are blocking her energy system.
Conception Motif - Help with her lack of personal identity and heart matrix
Theta Motif - To improve the deepest form of self-esteem and build her self-confidence

One session toward the end of the 15, I did a Basic short to strengthen and balance the energy system before the Hope motif for depression.

After each treatment her energy system was balanced and aligned. She was relaxed. She stated, "I don't have that pain in my body, like I did before. It's gone." I did notice her process that she went though from feeling depressed with inner pain and unworthy to feeling like she could do nothing right and realizing that her boyfriend always put her down to feeling more relaxed and happier. She stated one time, "I feel good today, and I don't have that hopeless pain I was feeling. It's gone." I feel that her energy system is much stronger and balanced and that she is not in the deep depression that she was when we started. Depression was rated 2/10, 10 being the most severe depressed state. She is more self-assured.

Case 3 - JF

JF is a 67 year old, white female. She is a mother of adult 2 children and 3 grandchildren. She lives with her husband in Virginia Beach, Virginia. January 2004 she was diagnosed with a heart murmur that was mitral prolapse. She was told that she might need a valve replacement. When talking with June she expressed her anxiety and fear about her husband. He was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm and has had multiple cardiac problems, which he underwent cardiac surgery in December 2002. Since that time he has not followed his medical regimen, and she fears that he will die this year. This fear has affected her heart, which was blocked. Tuning fork motifs were used to balance and align her energy system, to decrease her anxiety and fears, and clear emotional blockages especially at the heart center. She has stress rings. The activation of 40 seconds each pair was started and she was worked up to an activation of 60 seconds each pair per treatment.

The following motifs were used during her 15 sessions and the reason for there use:
Conception Motif - To work on the 4th energy matrix. To help refocus her consciousness to one of balance.
Clearing Motif - To clear blockages throughout the organism.
Hope Motif - To assist her with the change in her state of consciousness from pessimistic to optimistic, and work on the upper chest at the 4th and 5th matrices area. Help release any fears or feeling of entrapment. Open blockages.
Expansion Motif - Help separate and lift areas that have been blocked for so long, remove any fear. To work on the entire electromagnetic field.
Grounding Motif - For claming and relaxing her to assist with releasing and being in the present.
Contraction Motif - to work on connecting with her emotions.
ELF Motif - To assist with releasing and facilitate a more complete release.
Opening Motif - To work on her fear of expression of her emotions.
Integration Motif - To integrate feelings throughout the organism
Centering Motif - To help her come in contact with her own self and emotions.

After each treatment her energy system was balanced and aligned. She was relaxed. She started opening up and talking about her true feelings about her husband and her granddaughter. Her granddaughter is getting married and is with child. She expressed a lot of negative feelings and realized that she could not control what her husband did or did not do. That she needed to control how she felt and how she could cope with his lost if he were to die. She takes everyday now as it is the last and enjoys herself. Her cardiac status has improved, she no longer needs mitral value replacement, in fact she has decreased some of the medications that the doctor has ordered for her.

JW, London:
"I use the tuning forks in my treatment sessions. I start the session with a Basic short, this I have noticed has a relaxing effect when a client is anxious; the tuning forks also balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and also brings the Chakras into alignment.

I also use The OM tuners for personal meditation."

"A client I met with last night responded great to the forks and it really helped him reach a deeper state of relaxation, to the point he was out like a log for 30 minutes after I finished with HTA (Healing Touch) and TF (Tuning Forks).

I also had the opportunity to use the basic short (without weighted) for a group of rescue rabbits that have been ill and stressed due to a recent loss of another rabbit. It was amazing, they all came out of their boxes and laid down and stretched out. One I had worked on before the group session (the most ill) was in the middle pen and everytime I walked back and forth, he would sit up like a dog begging, to try and get closer to the sound. It was awesome! So I closed with ELA's on him next to his ears, and two other rabbits came over to get close to the sound.

I'm excited to work on an idea of sound therapy for people and their dogs together - healing with your animal companion. Thank you again!"

Client Feedback:

CR, Surrey:
"Tuning Forks & neuralgia - "I am at home today with strong neuralgia pains and this morning I treated myself to and with the tuning forks. I chose pair 7 & 8 for the sixth matrix [chakra] before a Basic long treatment. I initially wondered whether the forks were the right thing in my situation because I seem to be oversensitive to certain sounds at the moment but it was great. As soon as I used 7 & 8 I felt 'something' moving just below my eye and the previously blurred vision in my left eye cleared. I was amazed. Basic long [treatment] was a real treat, too, although I really wanted a lie down afterwards. Can't wait to repeat this tomorrow!"

KH, Brentwood:
"Hi Sheila, many thanks for the information about the forks. Just to remind you I had a very persistent nerve pain in my head when I saw you on Sunday and although I had suffered with it for almost a week it was getting worse and more regular. However, after the treatments that you and I gave myself on Sunday, (using the correct forks) by the end of the evening it has almost completely gone, and had actually gone by the following morning. I was so pleased because it was disturbing my sleep apart from causing me a lot of discomfort during the day.

I am continuing with the treatment now hoping the tinnitus with eventually subside. I have certainly noticed some changes with letting go. Dreams that have giving me insights etc which have helped me realise my true feelings! I can only hope this is a good sign!"

MLH, London (Female, 45 years old):
"I received an introductory 'All Forks' session, which treated the whole me, rather than any specific part of me. I found the whole experience wonderfully calming and mind-releasing. I was amazed by my strong physical response to the treatment ... as it progressed I felt gentle pulses travelling through my body, which heightened the sense of total relaxation and enabled my mind to 'liberate'. It's hard to describe the feeling, but it was as if sight and sound came together and I saw and heard colours and images, but they were the same thing - I wasn't conscious that I was seeing or hearing - the two were synonomous.

At the end of the treatment it took about 15 minutes before I wanted to move and, I guess, 'step-back into' being me again. The feeling of total calm and relaxtion stayed with me for several hours after the treatment, and I still felt its gentle effects days later."

LN, London (Female 53):
"I felt that the tuning forks helped me considerably in finally disposing of some personal and work-related ‘issues’ that I had been carrying around for quite some time, rather like shedding a stone that’s round your neck.

They also helped me through a very busy period of my life when I was coping with simultaneous work-related and personal events, in themselves not particularly stressful, but combined they can become overwhelming.

With the tuning forks, I was able to cope much better, without panic. I thought they were excellent. It takes quite a lot to make me comatose in ten minutes!"

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