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School for INNER SOUND

School for INNER SOUND
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Inner Sound Autophonetics - Vocal Work
Inner Sound Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

OM Flute - Learn How to Play

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Practitioner Training

Tuning Fork Practitioner - Basic & Advanced Levels
Sound Therapist Practitioner Certificate - Distance and Presence Learning

Non-Practitioner Training

Introduction to Sound Therapy
Autophonetics - Basic & Advanced Levels

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Course Details - Tuning Fork Practitioner, Basic Level
Course Details - Tuning Fork Practitioner, Advanced Level
Course Details - Introduction to Sound Therapy
Course Details - SOUND TOUCH Module
Course Details - Autophonetics, Basic & Advanced Levels

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Testimonials - Inner Sound Personalized Music CDs
Testimonials - Tuning Fork Treatments- Practitioner & Client Feedback
Testimonials - Tuning Fork Training
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Personal Music CDs

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Inner Sound CDs - Tools for Self-Discovery:

Brain Tape - Music for the Mind
Deep Touch - Music for Massage
Dreamtime - Music for Sleep
Floating in the Sea - Sounds of the Sea
Inner Focus - Music for Meditation
Inner Harmony - Music for Energetic Alignment
Inner Sun - Music for Communication
Intuition - Music for Intuition
Magical Garden - Music for Birth & Rebirth
Music for Children - Creativity, Joy, Laughter
Music for Healing - Physical and Emotional
Nature Serenade - Music for Grounding
New Heart - Music for Emotional Bonding
Radiant Body - Music for Physical Vitality
SOUND TOUCH - Inner Sound Motifs & Life Themes
Voyage to Freedom - Music for Emotional Balancing

Inner Sound - Healing Series:

For Depression
For Fatigue
For Pain
For Stress

Inner Sound - Complementary Therapies:

Aromatherapy, Reiki, Reflexology

Inner Sound - Just Tuning Series:

Just Series: Just Piano, Just Celtic, Just Yoga, Repose

Inner Sound - New Titles:

Cosmic Alignment
Healing Touch for Animals and Their People
Journey Thru the Chakras

Inner Sound Listening Programs:

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For The Body:

Full List: Listening Programs for The Body

Allergies - Dust, pollen, animal hair etc
Allergies - Food
Arthritis and Joint Pain
Body Awareness
Insomnia, Troubled Sleep, Nightmares
Pain, Acute or Chronic
Physical Illness (Acute - cold, cough, flu)
Physical Illnesses (Chronic - cancer, AIDS, birth defects, nervous disorders, multiple sclerosis, etc)
Physical Stamina, Vitality and Rejuvenation
Premenstrual Tension
Sharpening the Five Senses
Sporting Training for Optimum Performance
Stress - Chronic
Stress - Short-Term
Substance Abuse

For The Emotions:

Full List: Listening Programs for The Emotions

Communication and Self-Expression
For Depression
For Developing the Feminine Aspect
For Developing the Masculine Aspect
For Developing Personal Power and Self-Esteem
For Developing Self-Acceptance
Emotional Bonding, Harmonizing Relationships
Emotional Trauma, present and past communication, expression
Emotional Well-being, Emotional Stability
Joy and Laughter
Nurturing, Emotional Support
Serenity and Tranquility

For The Mind:

Full List: Listening Programs for The Mind

Alpha wave production
Balancing the hemispheres
Concentration, mental focus
Dream work, Dream recall & enhancement
Expanding Consciousness, mental clarity
Learning: Children 1-4 years
Learning: Children 4-7 years
Learning: Children 7-12 years
Learning for Adolescents
Learning for Adults
Memory Improvement, Regression

For The Spirit:

Full List: Listening Programs for The Spirit

Creative Visualization: Colors
Creative Visualization: Images
Creative Visualization: General
Creativity (Adults and Children)
Energetic Alignment and Integration
Meditation, Introspection