INNER SOUND (1978) is an original sound therapy system, incorporating therapeutic music CDs, tuning forks and voicework.

Co-creators, Arden & Jack Wilken, have identified over 50 'motifs', or short musical melodies, whose specific effects promote movement and restore balance in different systems of your body, releasing tensions relating to different emotional themes.

INNER SOUND offers you a range of sound therapy 'tools' which anyone can use, whether for relaxation, personal healing/transformation or complementary therapy.

"INNER SOUND is an inspiration in my life, helping me channel my creativity and remain open to new challenges and opportunities as they arise."

Sheila Hill, Director & Trainer of INNER SOUND, UK

How Sound Heals:


Sound and music easily stimulate a sympathetic response throughout your whole body - remember those 'musical thrills' tingling down your spine? - restoring balance to your whole system.

Listening regularly to our therapeutic music CDs helps restore and maintain your physical and emotional well-being, improving your health, and promoting relaxation. They are used to support all forms of therapy - complementary or otherwise.

Learn more about how and why sound and music are so effective in helping us release past experiences by reading: "Sonic Pathways"


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INNER SOUND motifs form the basis of all the techniques we offer, giving you different ways to release unresolved emotional 'blockages' or tensions in your body.

You can experience them as 'pure' sound placing tuning forks in sequences of pairs near your ears and enjoy the deeply relaxed state they produce.

You can listen to them as music, enhanced with psychoacoustic effects, that work with particular themes.

Or you can learn to sing them using simple exercises to enhance and integrate their effect as you do.

You can even order a personal music CD, compiled to work on particular theme(s) of your choice.

School for INNER SOUND:

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The School for INNER SOUND offers introductory workshops and practitioner training in the use of different sound therapy 'tools' and techniques: INNER SOUND's Spiral of Fifths tuning forks, the OM Flute, the voice, or therapeutic music CDs.

Our sound therapy system is an excellent support for all complementary therapies, restoring physical & emotional well-being and promoting longer-lasting relaxation.

INNER SOUND can be used as a support for any aspect of personal development or period of transition.

"You can use INNER SOUND to..."

  • Improve your or your child's studies;
  • Reduce stress and relax - both your mind and body;
  • Recover more quickly from an illness or operation;
  • Improve self-confidence and communication skills;
  • Develop greater self-awareness.

For the Body »

  • Deep Touch
  • Floating
  • Radiant Body
  • For the Emotions »

  • Inner Sun
  • Magical Garden
  • New Heart